[VA AA LR] 'Keyboards' is a performance for three synchronous motifs, played on three identical keyboards via multiple loudspeakers.

[Solo] live at Atelier Bombarda 29, Lisboa, April 2023

[Solo] live at Purga’s ESTUDO DO MEIO (+18), Carpintarias de São Lázaro, Lisboa, March 2023. Video by Luisa Morante

[+ Brìghde Chaimbeul] collaboration for scottish smallpipes and portuguese gaita de fole (bagpipes) in the opening night of Counterflows 2022, in Glasgow. Photo by Dawid Laskowski

DE_LAYER #1 CD Compilation

[Solo] contributed with 2 tracks and a small text for the #1 issue of the CD compilation and publication DE_LAYER.

[Solo] digital release out on Cafe OTO's label Takuroku

[VA AA LR] a mobile multichannel piece performed at Tusk Festival 2016

[VA AA LR] performance that aims to utilise the flares as a sonic artifact, over their intended use as a visual one.

[VA AA LR] improvised electronics, distress flares, fire extinguishers. CD out on Porta

[+ Louie Rice, David Stearn] Music for Electronics and Amplified Car performed live at Bold Tendencies 2011, in London

[Solo] two works featured in the book and DVD: Handmade Electronic Music (The Art of Hardware Hacking) written by Nicolas Collins

[Solo] AM/FM Keyboard 6: instrument consisting of 6 radios with am/fm band, tunning and volume control. Recorded live at YES WAY 2010, in London.